Vision and Mission

    Vision -- "Bring Christ to Our City."

    Mission -- "Creating a Gospel Equipped Community"

    While every church has the same goal of growing closer to God as we lead others to Him, we wanted to define our vision in a way that we can each evaluate how we are progressing on our walk with God.

    Loving God:
      God’s overwhelming love and grace that He offers us should motivate a response to completely give Him our hearts.  We can not truly love God without striving to serve Him.

    Loving Others:  Our love for others should mirror God’s for us.  It must be given unconditionally with their best interest in mind.  We are to give of ourselves to others as God has given to us. 

    Meaningful Worship:  True worship occurs when we open our hearts to celebrate what God has done in our life. God deserves more than we can ever give.  It is His desire that we worship Him.  Worship brings us into His presence. 


    Continual Prayer:  Communication is essential for developing our relationship with God.  We grow stronger in Him when we constantly praise who God is, confess what we need forgiven, and plead for God to work in our lives and the lives of others.  We must take time to speak to God and spend time listening to His direction. 


    Personal Relationships:  Developing authentic community within our church family is essential to spiritual growth.  Accountability, intercession, mutual care, and fostering a sense of belonging are best achieved through loving relationships with each other. 


    Serving with Excellence:  Striving to serve God with excellence brings honor to God and inspires people to do the same.  Working to benefit God’s kingdom should be done with a clear purpose and results in mind. 


    Integrity and Relevance:  We believe that God’s people should not have to sacrifice Biblical integrity or cultural relevance in their pursuit to worship God and reach their community.  Spiritual church growth requires dedication to both principles. 


    Living Truth:  God is Truth and He has displayed it to the world through His scripture, through Jesus, and through His  followers.  Everything we do as a church family and as individuals must focus on living out the truth of God in our lives.   


    Sharing our Faith:  The life of Jesus Christ demonstrated the importance for believers to share the hope of salvation.  Intentionally building relationships with non-believers along with other methods of evangelism should be a cornerstone of our daily life.  We have been sent to let others know of the hope only found through faith in Jesus Christ.

    Creating a community that is equipped to bring Christ to our city.

    We are here for you. Everything we do is to glorify God, create a meaningful relationship with Him, and support others who are striving for those same goals. Come be a part of our growing family.

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