Small Groups

    "Growing together in faith, connecting as a community"

    Small Groups aren't just something we've added at Pathway, they are our beginning.  We began this way because of our belief in how effective Small Groups can be in the life of a Christian.  We get together with friends and spend time together.  We spend much more time discussing God's Word than at a traditional service.  It is a comfortable environment to invite friends or new believers to connect with our people and to explore their faith.  Small Groups will always play an important part in the life of our church as a whole and in the personal discipleship of everyone involved.

    How Do You Get Involved?

    Your needs and personal schedule will greatly determine which small group you will attend.  So take a few minutes to use our Small Group Finder to view each group, find out when & where, and maybe a little more about what they're studying.  Click the banner above to browse our groups by day of meeting, leader, location, or other search criteria.  If you want to find out more, submit your information on group finder page or email us at and we will help you find the group that fits your needs.  

    Creating a community that is equipped to bring Christ to our city.

    We are here for you. Everything we do is to glorify God, create a meaningful relationship with Him, and support others who are striving for those same goals. Come be a part of our growing family.

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